Biotechnology and personal health care are becoming a booming business but can you believe all of the news about limitless pills and smart drugs?

Over the past few years, cognitive-boosting marketing terminology and smart drug supplements commonly referred to as “nootropics” have dramatically grown in popularity.


Well the baby booming population wants to keep their alertfulness, wakefuleness and focus as good as their 20s and 30s.

Also, the silicon valley technology minded crowd who’s greatest dream is a safe neuroenhancing productivity pill without the long term painful side effects that should be considered no matter how natural or pure cerebral enhancing ingredients may be.

But it will not take you long when you start doing your own nootropics research to see out of the hundreds of nootropic products on the market, none are more popular than a real life limitless pill called Addium.

Addium is being called “the real life limitless pill” thanks to its’ supposed collaboration of cognitive boosting abilities and attributes in their unique formula of herbal helpers and fancy extracts.

According to Addium, simply taking their product twice per day can dramatically enhance mental focus, concentration, alertness, and stamina – all without the nasty effects of Adderall (which is another topic for another day).

The question is – can Addium really deliver on these claims or is it just another nootropic scam?

How Does Addium Work?

Addium says that their supplement works in three main ways to enhance your overall cognitive functions. Addium claims that their product works by:

  • “Waking up the brain”: Addium doesn’t really explain what this means but based on the ingredients in Addium, we’re fairly sure it means increased blood flow to the brain.
  • Increasing energy levels: Addium contains a few natural stimulants that supply the brain with energy to keep you alert and focused all day long.
  • Improves the function of acetylcholine: Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is vital to the learning and memory process. Addium stimulates the function of acetylcholine and stimulates NMDA glutamate receptors – both of which are vital to the memory and learning process.

Ingredients in Addium

According to Addium, there are six main ingredients in their product, all of which are natural herbal extracts or other natural “brain nutrients.” The six main ingredients include:

  • Tyrosine: Tyrosine helps your brain produce vital neurotransmitters for common brain functions.
  • GABA: GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that keeps you focused and alert.
  • Bacopa Monnieri: Bacopa increased cerebral blood flow to “wake up your brain.”
  • Alpha GPC: Alpha GPC supports healthy neurotransmission in the brain.
  • Vinpocetine: Vinpocetine supports the brain’s utilization of glucose, increasing ATP production.
  • Huperzine A: Huperzine inhibits acetylcohlinesterase, the enzyme responsible for breaking down acetylcholine.

Together these ingredients work together to provide you with the cognitive enhancement you need to be more productive at work, study harder for school, or to just eliminate the mental decline associated with age.

What to Expect

Although Addium made be called the “Limitless pill”, you shouldn’t expect it to work overnight. Addium may be the fastest-acting nootropic we’ve ever reviewed, but it still takes a few days in order for you to feel its’ effects. You can read the customer comments and reviews about Addium on other websites too.

There are even Addium video experiences shared on Youtube.

The most noticeable benefit users feel in the beginning is without a doubt an increase in energy levels. After only a few days, you’ll most likely notice you are more alert, have more energy, and any “brain fog” you may have had should be long gone.

Once you take Addium for a little while, you’ll likely begin to feel an improvement in your more advanced cognitive functions – such as your memory, learning ability, and critical thinking.

Are There Brain Side Effects?

Addium has over 600 reviews on Amazon with mostly positive reviews. From what we can tell, there are no serious or common adverse effects to taking Addium (although we imagine if you search long enough you will find negative responses to taking brain pills.)

We should note that Addium does contain caffeine, and a fair dosage to that point, which means you may feel jittery or nervous if you are overly sensitive to caffeine.

However, other the potential for those feelings, we haven’t found anything that would suggest that Addium is dangerous by any means.

Addium Pricing & Details

Addium can be purchased on Amazon, or through the official website of Amazon. We should mention that if you purchase through Amazon, you can expect to pay more because Amazon takes a portion of sales.

If you buy directly through Addium, then you’ll have three purchasing options:

  • One month supply: $39.95
  • Two month supply: $69.96
  • Three month supply: $89.95

Obviously, the best value comes with the three-month supply, although it may be beneficial to try the one-month supply before ordering a larger package.

Regardless of which package you order, Addium offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your results or simply don’t like the effects of Addium, you can return your bottles and receive a full refund for your order.

Who is Addium Best Suited For?

While Addium can support cognitive functions for anybody, there are a few groups that seem to be using Addium and seeing huge results. This is why we recommend Addium specifically for:

  • College Students: Students need to study hard and stay awake during class, which is exactly what Addium’s main benefits include.
  • Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs need to think outside the box, and they are constantly using brainpower to build their projects. Addium keeps them energized and productive so they can continue to develop and grow their business.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t matter if you’re not an entrepreneur or college student. Addium can provide cognitive enhancement for anybody, but we wanted to point two groups that are finding Addium especially useful. Just remember this isn’t the Limitless movie and NZT48 clear pills are not for sale (yet).

Conclusion: Should You Buy Addium?

Compared to other nootropics, Addium is in its’ own class. Not only does Addium contain a blend of proven ingredients, but it is also reasonably priced and comes with a money back guarantee to all of its’ customers.

So far, Addium has produced excellent results in almost all of its’ users. This is why we give Addium full support and we think those seeking real cognitive enhancement can certainly benefit from taking Addium on a daily basis.

One thing we do know, we will be exploring the world of nootropics and amplifying awareness ability because all signs say smart pills are the future of building a better brain.